Breaking: Yahoo Making a Bid for Hulu

It doesn’t look like Yahoo is putting the breaks on its recent appetite for big acquisitions.

In fact, published reports Friday indicate that Yahoo – which just acquired Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion – is planning to make an offer for Hulu, the hugely popular online video service.

The offer, in fact, may have already been made.

If so, Yahoo is joining the likes of Directv, William Morris Endeavor, Time Warner Cable, and The Chernin Group in an effort to acquire Hulu, which is owned by Walt Disney, News Corp., and Comcast.

Yahoo’s interest in Hulu was reportedly intensified after Marissa Mayer’s company fell short of acquiring a majority stake in video site Dailymotion.

Hulu hasn’t had a formal M&A process, but had asked prospective bidders to make an offer by Wednesday. That deadline apparently isn’t a firm one, so it’s worth wondering if the field will grow more crowded before this over.

According to AllThingsD, it isn’t known how much Hulu is asking for, but two years ago, “Hulu’s owners put the company up for sale and were looking for a bid of at least $2 billion.”