BREAKING NEWS: Apple to Unveil iPhone 5 September 12th

The rumor mill got this one right.

Minutes ago, Apple began issuing invitations to media for a company-sponsored event scheduled for next Wednesday, September 12th. At that time, Apple will take the covers off of the long awaited 6th generation iPhone.

On Tuesday morning, Apple unveiled the event’s invitation which cleverly depicts the September 12th date, a date that conveniently casts the shadow of a large 5. This indicates – naturally – that the new iPhone will be called the “iPhone 5.”

In addition to NFC, most mobile industry analysts and market watchers believe that the 6th generation iPhone will deliver a bigger screen and 4G LTE connectivity.

For now, few other details are known. But MMW will bring you live, up to the minute coverage of Apple’s media event and refreshed iPhone launch next Wednesday as the event unfolds.