Breaking: Apple Reportedly Launching iPhone 5S on September 10th

Breaking Apple Reportedly Launching iPhone 5S on September 10thAllThingsD reported Monday that Apple is poised to unveil its next generation iPhone on September 10.

Sources who claim to have intimate knowledge of the event spilled the beans to the venerable WSJ-powered digital news giant today.

It still isn’t clear, however, is if the event will be exclusively dedicated to the new iPhone 5S or if it will also include the rumored low-cost entry level “plastic iPhone.”

Naturally, any new phones will be running iOS 7, which has been in testing since its announcement at Apple’s developer conference in June. The new software includes a radical redesign of the overall look of the iPhone’s menus and icons, but the other new features are largely incremental updates, such as improved notifications, better photo-organizing abilities and additional capabilities for developers.

Similarly, Apple’s iPhone 5S is also expected to deliver a design overhaul, potentially including a fingerprint sensor and an upgraded 12-megapixel camera with a dual-LED flash.

Stay tuned.