Brands Lagging Behind in the Massive Move to Mobile

Brands Lagging Behind in the Massive Move to MobileThe people have spoken — and they’re choosing mobile.

But what about brands?

“We’re in the middle of the most massive media shift in history, and brands are lagging behind,” VentureBeat reports. “While 2.1 billion mobile users have downloaded over 350 billion apps, time on device grew 76 percent last year, and we are spending more time on our phones than watching TV, brands have yet to completely embrace mobile advertising.”

There’s evidence that some brands — including Disney, for example — are getting the hang of the new ecosystem.

“Disney discovered that with the right confluence of targeting and creative, outsized results can happen. The company achieved 7 times the average video ad engagement rate using smart audience targeting and great, interactive creative. And video ads already generate 5 times the engagement of static banner ads.”

Kroger has done likewise, recently scoring a 3.7-times increase in the number of customers visiting Kroger via a geotargeted mobile advertising campaign using factors like device data, location history, and offline purchase data.

The challenge for brands?

“The sheer complexity of the mobile ad ecosystem,” explains VentureBeat. “The number of calculations that go into which ads you see (on) Facebook or Draw Something is staggering, with easily 11 separate steps happening in milliseconds, and handoffs between ad networks, exchanges, demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and data management platforms.”

To help brands get better at what’s inevitable — the massive move to mobile — Venture Beat’s VB Insight has created a report “on brands and mobile advertising that includes both the good (like the above examples) and the bad. There are five ways brands are failing at mobile advertising, and they include repurposing ads from other media, not using data, and using data inexpertly.”

Ready to read the report? You can access it here.