Branded Mobile AdverGaming On The Rise?

Mobile advertising is no different than traditional advertising in regards to the need for brand awareness and loyalty in addition to product and service sales. One method is to use branded “advergames” to get your message across and to help consumers associate your brand with something unique and fun.

I wasn’t particularly familiar with the subject, so I did a quick Google search and found several mobile advertising agencies already developing Flash-Lite advergames that can promote a brand in a variety of ways. Companies like Punch Kick Interactive and Omega Mobile are developing solutions that meld mobile entertainment and games with any client’s brand.

Since they’re usually provided free-of-charge, advergames can be a great way to reach out to your potential audience while giving them something that’s fun to use, free, and worth their time. Every time they open and play the game, they’re re-introduced to your brand, so the more unique the game, the more brand awareness you receive.

A great example is Jeep’s attempt at branded mobile entertainment dubbed “Jeep Off Road Jam” which lets players drive a Wrangler down trails and rough terrain. As they progress up levels, their Jeeps are upgraded to the Sport, Sahara, and finally, the top of the line Rubicon model. It’s similar to Suzuki’s Motocross Challenge which lets players drive bikes based exactly on the actual available Suzuki models. Both games seem to be big hits, and do a great job embedding a product line into the players minds.