Branded Live Content Anyone? CeeLive Generates Buzz with New Platform

CCeeLive is a leading developer of online and mobile branded live content solutions and now it has a new idea.

Earlier this month, the company used the backdrop of SXSW to announce the launch of a new livestream platform.

“(It) enables content producers and advertisers to deliver greater value through an integrated app, web, and Facebook solution,” the company announced. “CeeLive’s iOS app provides a mobile component to a web and social media platform that has delivered large-scale events, including the 2015 Fader Fort showcase at SXSW, to global audiences. Unlike other livestream solutions, CeeLive provides a robust, contextual advertising canvas that be integrated into brand’s Facebook pages, as well as embedded into web and mobile sites.”

CeeLive leverages its customized, proprietary video and audio encoding technology as well as its global network of telecom and ISP partners to offer a user experience optimized for long-form live streams.

It was masterminded by Dallas-based 2Cimple and offers high-resolution (up to 8K) streams and immersive, 360-degree video for webVR solutions.

“We have developed a very easy-to-use online and mobile web branded livestream solution for customers who demand a single sign-on, regardless of their device or their video player,” said Marla Watson, Vice President of production for CeeLive. “CeeLive does all the hard work with our proprietary software, and manages all of the complex connections so that users get what they want when they want it.”

The promise made?

“Brand messages can now be presented to LiveStream audiences with the highest quality and reliability,” said Watson.

The iOS app is a click away.