All About the Bots: 3Cinteractive Releases Chatbot Progress Report

While this article was not written by a robot, chances are you mind if it was.

According to the findings of a latest report, a growing number of consumers are all about the bots.

3Cinteractive Corp (3C), a leading provider of mobile marketing services, on Tuesday unveiled its Chatbot Consumer Report, providing an in-depth look at how consumers interact with chatbots, and their preferences on using the technology when communicating with brands.

This insight proves valuable to brands that are developing or looking to develop a chatbot experience for their customers. Click here to download the complete report.

3C conducted the online chatbot survey and polled approximately 500 U.S. households*. The results showed that approximately 1/4 of consumers say they use chatbots on a daily basis (40% alone for Millennials). These numbers are important for brands as they consider the development of a chatbot, particularly since Business Insider reported earlier this year that 80% of businesses plan to have chatbots by the year 2020.

Despite the apparent consumer appetite for chatbots, there is still a long way to go for chatbots to truly make their mark on impacting businesses. When consumers were asked why they thought chatbots were not valuable, 71% said the chatbot could not answer their question or help them. As the technology advances, businesses will need to expand the capabilities of their chatbots to keep up with growing consumer expectation.

“Choosing the right chatbot strategy for your brand is critical, it’s not one size fits all,” said Margie Kupfer, VP of Marketing at 3Cinteractive. “Understand your customer preferences and build your chatbot strategy around one, specific function that benefits the customer. Starting small and executing your chatbot successfully ensures a positive brand experience and allows you to learn more about your customer in order to scale your chatbot into other business functions.”

To download the complete report, click here.