Boomdash Aides Local Business With iPhone Optimization

While the world becomes more and more in love with their iPhones, it makes it increasingly difficult for small and local businesses to keep up in terms of making their mobile-based websites “iPhone-optimized.”

While there are numerous platforms and services available that will make a business’s website mobile-ready, there’s still just a handful of companies making it easy and inexpensive to turn their desktop-based websites into not only mobile-ready sites, but also iPhone-ready sites.

Boomdash, a company that specializes in turn-key search engine and mobile marketing for local businesses, has launched a new digital media advertising platform that will display mobile-aware landing pages specifically formatted for the iPhone when customers search and click on Boomdash powered ads.

The launch coincides with Google’s recent announcement allowing advertisers to tailor ads for mobile devices like the iPhone and T-Mobile’s G1, meaning that many local businesses can more easily place paid ads on Google that will appear during searches being done by mobile users.  The problem, through the eyes of Boomdash, is that it neglects to address the fact that many local businesses don’t have Web sites, or if they do, their Web site contains too much information to easily be navigated by mobile users.

Boomdash is aiming to pick up the peices by offering a new digital media advertising platform that automatically generates iPhone compatible landing pages for advertisers when their ads appear.  The idea is to level the playing field for millions of local businesses, and to make it simple and intuitive.

The new platform, dubbed Boomdash Reach, not only optimizes content for iPhones, but also ties everything together for organized and streamlined deployment based on a pre-determined budget with any of the major search engines.  Additionally, Boomdash Reach includes a proprietary ad optimization tool that monitors performance and automatically makes adjustments to the ad, creating a more effective marketing campaign.

While it might be relatively easy now-a-days to optimize a website for iPhones and other “full-web” capable devices, there’s yet to be a full-featured platform that will bring everything together from campaign development and optimization to deployment and tracking.  In addition to this, the platform also incorporates some new-age  mobile marketing technologies such as mobile-coupons and click-to-call.  In my eyes, this is what might set it apart from most.

Boomdash offers its services exclusively through independent local yellow page directory publishers.  This should benefit both sides by allowing local businesses to work with a partner they already know and trust while helping local publishers build new revenue.  It’s an interesting method, but I think it will pay off in the long run for Boomdash.