Bond Brand Loyalty, RedPoint Global Team to Enhance ‘Personalized Real-Time Brand Experiences’

Chalk it up as another powerhouse partnership.

MMW received an advance tip on Tuesday that RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, is partnering with Bond Brand Loyalty — a leading customer engagement agency.

The objective? To maximize loyalty engagement efforts with a complete view of customers – across all channels – for loyalty programs and campaigns.

The partnership will provide a unique solution to the market, combining an industry-leading customer engagement hub with a best-in-class enterprise loyalty platform, supporting some of the world’s most influential and valuable brands, to maximize loyalty engagement and brand performance.

We’re told that Bond Brand Loyalty’s Synapze Platform “will leverage the RedPoint Customer Engagement Hub to further expand their existing personalization and omnichannel capabilities to better support enterprise real-time customer engagement.”

“Optimizing customer engagement across the enterprise is critical for building brand loyalty, and marketers must have a way to easily take control of all of their data to drive relevancy and effectiveness across all touchpoints,” said RedPoint Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer John Nash. “Our partnership allows Bond Brand Loyalty to create a powerful solution for marketers to enhance their engagement efforts, providing optimal messaging to the customer through any channel to drive consistent and coordinated messaging at the speed of the customer.”