BOKU in Business with U.S. Cellular for Mobile Payments

Online mobile payments company BOKU has confirmed its new partnership with U.S. Cellular, the stated goal of which is to maximize the adoption of direct-to-bill mobile operator billing as a payment option.

Despite mobile payments being red hot today and increasingly competitive among service providers, BOKU is still one of the first payments providers to integrate and launch with U.S. Cellular to provide mobile payments for the carrier’s postpaid customers.

The partnership will bestow new mobile payment options to U.S. Cellular subscribers in 26 states.

Online merchants will generate incremental revenue from consumers who find mobile the easiest way to pay online, and attract new consumers who previously were unable or chose not to pay via other payment options, such as credit and debit accounts.

“When making purchases from their favorite online merchants, consumers will benefit from a convenient and secure payment experience that is accessible to all U.S. Cellular subscribers,” BOKU explained Wednesday. “Consumers simply enter their phone number to checkout, and respond via text message to confirm the payment with the charges appearing on their wireless bill.”

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