Proximity-Marketing Provider Building Bluetooth Network

I stumbled on a new provider of bluetooth-based mobile advertisements today that, according to their website, is slowly building it’s own network of so-called “bluetooth hotspots” to serve up advertisements in the form of video and music clips, coupons, and other media. BlueBite, like most...

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I stumbled on a new provider of bluetooth-based mobile advertisements today that, according to their website, is slowly building it’s own network of so-called “bluetooth hotspots” to serve up advertisements in the form of video and music clips, coupons, and other media. BlueBite, like most proximity-marketing systems, works by utilizing a small piece of hardware similar to a WiFi router, but with bluetooth broadcast instead. When someone comes within range of the “hotspot” the system sends a connection request to the mobile user, asking if they’d like to receive content. If they accept, the system connects to the mobile device, and delivers the media.

The company has already partnered with InWindow Outdoor in Los Angeles and New York to transmit a 30 second video clip for the CW’s new series “Life Is Wild.” They utilized storescapes outfitted with their bluetooth technology, to promote the series trailer. The company uses “call to action” posters, billboards, and other mediums to remind people to activate the bluetooth on their mobile devices. As for their network, the website’s vague. All that’s mentioned is the fact that their in the process of expanding their network, and that newly created campaigns can…

……..Use our existing network or your own real estate locations. We can also serve short-term campaigns (events, trade-shows, etc.) by utilizing a battery-powered unit……

The idea of a “Bluetooth-Hotspot” network is interesting. Presumably, they’ll target large areas such as airports and shopping malls to install their hardware. They would then have the network in place to serve advertisements for any business or event in those areas that would want to utilize the new technology as a marketing channel. Â

BlueBite seems to have an innovative service, and should be an interesting company to watch in the near future.Â

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  3. Vagelis P. Antoniadis

    If you have visited the page I’ve mentioned above you have already seen the Bluevibe Browser. Bluevibe browser uses bluetooth technology in order to provide interactive services. It is a mobile application for demonstrating the different uses of bluetooth marketing technology.

  4. Marketing Articles

    Is this the one when you, for example, downloaded a game for mobile phones and when you play it there’s this message stating “This application is brought to you FREE by ad sponsors and sometimes downloads ads.” and if you click ok a logo of business or company name displays?
    I thought bluetooth marketing uses literally bluetooth technology.


  5. Vagelis P. Antoniadis

    I think that the time has come and interactive proximity marketing campaings become true. You can check this page for an example:,en/

    You can also visit Athens International Airport during June to become witness of a useful interactive application based on proximity technology. A formal press release will follow at the end of this month.

  6. justin


    Yes, without any special mobile applications, push campaigns can still be received on mobile devices with things like videos and mp3s, but to incorporate interactivity, I think you’re right; The customer has to see some value, and continue to opt-in to receive the content. I can see value in using it for a restaurant or bar, but it would have to be creative to really engage the user.

  7. Karen

    In what applications have interactivity been successful? I’ve seen things about polling and quizzes, but it seems like some people will be just as annoyed by a company taking information and time from them as they would by receiving “push” marketing material on their phones. Without the mobile application, they can still receive promotional information, coupons, and download content, right?
    I definitely see the usefulness of interactivity from a brand identity point of view, but how can we bring customers value through it?

  8. Vagelis P. Antoniadis

    I haven’t seen anything about interactivity, browsing the site. Is it only for push campaigns?

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  10. Vagelis P. Antoniadis

    I am not sure how is possible to provide interactive services over bluetooth without installing any application on the mobile device. I agree that this is possible using wifi because one can use the web browser to interact over wifi. Bluetooth is different. Mobile devices dont support network over bluetooth. This is why a special mobile application is required. If you only want to implement “push” campaigns over bluetooth then no application is required. But then wifi is not suitable because it doesnt implement push mechanisms. I hope I haven’t confused you.

  11. Jeff Shinzer

    Hi Vagelis,

    I think you are misunderstanding the capability I am describing. The Blue Bite unit does not require the client to have any applications installed on the phone, their actual unit is a Bluetooth & WiFi hotspot which recognizes your handset and allows you to receive digital content through both Bluetooth and WiFi, depending on your phone. This is done directly with the unit from what I understand, not through an external Hotspot and WAP is not necessary. I have posed this question to a Blue Vibe sales representative and was told that your unit is not compatible with the iPhone. Please explain the discrepancy, I am interested in the difference.

  12. Vagelis P. Antoniadis

    Actually this is not true. I want to make clear something here. Bluevibe supports Wifi by using an external wifi hotspot. This means that the Bluevibe browser (the mobile application installed in the client’s phone) and the Bluevibe server (the main component of the bluevibe system that stores all the campaign logic) both support wifi. This way you can have mobile phones browse your bluevibe ad pages using their wifi. Mobile users will have exactly the same experience as if they have used their bluetooth.

  13. Jeff Shinzer

    I checked out both Blue Bite and Blue Vibe, it seems after speaking with both of their sales departments that only Blue Bite offers advertising through WiFi which means they are the only ones compatible with the iPhone. From what I’ve researched, WiFi provides more interactivity with the consumer and is a good long-term solution for push/pull mobile advertising.

  14. justin

    Introducing a mobile application that incorporates interactivity is absolutely the way to go. I agree with Giff that if the content is “pushed” upon the mobile user, it must be closely related to the venue and be something the user might actually find useful.

    If a user can choose to download and launch a mobile application that provides much more than just advertisements, it creates a win-win situation for the user as well as the “hot spot” provider. The user gets useful content, and the provider gets a longer opportunity to build brand awareness and incorporate relevant advertising.

  15. vanton

    I agree with the previous comment. Check this website to see how we implement this interactivity using a mobile application.
    “Push” campaigns are ok for now but I think the future is interactive mobile campaigns.

  16. Giff Gfroerer, i2SMS


    The “Bluetooth-Hotspot” idea is a great advertising medium when, and I believe only when, you have an interest group within range sharing in a common “community”.

    To be more exact, you are at a concert, as you walk into the door you are invited to download ringtones, wallpaper, etc. from the specific performer you are there to see. Most people at the concert share this interest and would not see this sort of advertising as intrusive.

    You can replace the above situation with sporting events, event marketing, trade shows, etc.

    However, I would warn those out there that are considering blasting out advertisements at a shopping mall to everyone that comes within distance of their store to think twice before enacting this type of campaign. It has been tried and failed many times over. Customers do not see this type of advertisement as acceptable and the backlash outweighs the benefits every time.

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