Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Comes To National Hotel Chains Thanks To QderoPateo & Kommunity Kiosk

Qdero Pateo, the innovative mobile technology company we’ve covered many times in the past, announced today they’ve partnered with Kommunity Kiosk, a leader in providing touch screen directories and kiosks for the hotel industry, to launch its Blu-Pons proximity marketing technology at national franchise hotel chain locations.

The combination of technology from the two companies enables advertisers to reach consumers directly through their mobile devices via QderoPateo’s proprietary Blu-Pons Bluetooth media solution.  The technology is now co-located with many Kommunity Kiosk hotel locations, including major hotel franchises such as Marriott, Doubletree and Crowne Plaza.

Here’s how it works; through Blu-Pons, consumers who enter a hotel location have the option of allowing valuable coupons and discounts to be sent directly to their Bluetooth enabled cell phone.  Once a customer accepts the opt-in prompt, the discount is delivered directly to their mobile device and can be readily presented for redemption at the participating retailer.

“Working together with Kommunity Kiosk we can easily leverage the high foot traffic of these prime locations and convert them into a valuable sales event for the consumer and participating advertiser,” said Bobby Rudder, Senior Director of Sales at QderoPateo. “Relevance is at the heart of everything we do, and Blu-Pons enables us to bring very focused messages directly to receptive consumers. Proximity marketing is an extremely underutilized tool that is quickly gaining increased acceptance by consumers and advertisers alike.”

Despite your feelings either for or against the use of Bluetooth proximity marketing in general, you have to admit that using the concept delicately in an environment where consumer privacy and choice are vigorously upheld can make for very effective campaigns.  This is a reason Qdero Pateo is quickly becoming a leader in the space with its Blu-Pons technology.  We’ll undoubtedly see more partnerships like this in the future.