Bluebridge Launches 2nd Gen Mobile App Studio

Bluebridge Launches 2nd Gen Mobile App StudioMMW was briefed this morning by a rep from Bluebridge on the company’s latest news.

The group has just launched their 2nd generation mobile app platform, the Bluebridge Mobile App Studio.

“Bluebridge assists hundreds of marketers from organizations,” they tells us, including corporate enterprises, churches, tourism bureaus and universities. Regardless of the organization, BlueBridge can help build, deploy and manage top-notch apps.

The one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use platform now gives users the ability to design, organize and instantly preview their mobile apps. These cost-effective and customizable apps are easy manageable through the intuitive drop-and-drop interface, allowing for easy updates and edits to content, in a quick and effective manner.

“Bluebridge has become the largest provider of tourism apps in the world and works with organizations like the country of South Africa and Purdue University,” they tell us.

In addition, the company also announced the closing of a $2M round.

To learn more about what’s new at Bluebridge, check out the company’s official website here.