Blue Bite Deploys First-of-its-Kind NFC Campaign for HotelTonight, Sees 15K+ Mobile Engagements

Blue Bite, a mobile marketing company that specializes in location-based campaigns, has published results of a recent NFC-enabled mobile campaign for hotel reservation app HotelTonight that saw more than 15,000 unique mobile engagements in the first six weeks alone.

Blue Bite teamed up with RMG networks — a provider of Out-Of-Home (OOH) TV & video networks — as well as mobile advertising provider Amobee to launch the campaign for HotelTonight across a handful of major U.S. markets.  HotelTonight’s mobile app allows users to book same-day hotel reservations.  To jumpstart the campaign, Amobee utilized RMG Network’s locations outfitted with Blue Bite’s mTAG Platform to reach HotelTonight’s core demographic.  These RMG network locations included eight major U.S. airports and hundreds of “busy downtown cafe locations across the country.”

As people passed by one of RMG’s digital screens, they saw a 30-second video clip promoting the app.  If interested, users then had the option to tap their NFC handsets on Blue Bite’s mTAG located in the venue to immediately download the HotelTonight app.  Those without NFC on their mobile devices were also able to download the app using a QR Code, Bluetooth or WiFi.

In the six-week campaign period, Blue Bite recorded over 15,000+ unique mobile engagements, with more than 5,000 unique handset engagements from iPhone and Android devices.  In addition, 50 percent of all Blue Bite interactions resulted in the user downloading the HotelTonight mobile app.  This is substantial given NFC’s recent entry into the U.S. market and the fact that’s only now beginning to be used as a marketing tool.

Blue Bite has had a lot of success with unique marketing campaigns that leverage new-age location-based technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC, and this campaign is no exception.  “This groundbreaking campaign demonstrates the combined power of digital place-based media and mobile technologies to activate customers in meaningful ways,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO and Co-Founder from Blue Bite.  “As people rely more heavily on their mobile devices, digital place-based media has become the front line for marketers looking to engage active consumers who are on the path to purchase,” said Chuck Strottman, Sr. Director of Marketing from RMG Networks.

“Innovative digital players like HotelTonight understand that mobile plays an invaluable part in the brand experience and consumer engagement,” said Mark Strecker, COO of Amobee. “Many merchants are starting to use Amobee’s leading edge mobile advertising technology to interact with the physical world, whether it be through NFC, QR codes and Bluetooth technology, to provide an engaging customer experience and maximize revenue.”