Blockbuster Goes Mobile For Survival?

In the era of digital cable, on-demand movies, and Netflix, video stores have appeared in recent years to be headed toward extinction. As a result, mega video retail chain Blockbuster is turning to the mobile channel to revive some of the luster its industry and business have lost in the last decade.

But will the move be enough to help Blockbuster make a “comeback”?

According to Blockbuster, their new iPhone application aims to make video stores more accessible, convenient, and “contemporary” than they’ve ever been before. The Blockbuster app, as one would expect, enables customers to locate stores within their neighborhood and also inquire about the in-stock status of their desired flick.

Additionally, the free application lets customers “build and manage” their online-rental requests and order titles directly from Blockbuster’s Web site.

Blockbuster presently houses better than 95,000 titles in its warehouses.

Why mobile? Why now?

“It’s just one more way we’re working to expand our connection with our customers and their access to the entertainment they want most,” says Kevin Lewis, senior VP of digital entertainment at Blockbuster.

It may also be a way to extend the life of an industry rapidly going the way of the dinosaur.