BlackBerry Vs. Ryan Seacrest: Round 2

BlackBerry Vs. Ryan Seacrest: Round 2BlackBerry is taking aim at media mogul and aspiring tech entrepreneur Ryan Seacrest.

The Canadian mobile communications giant is less than elated with news that Seacrest’s updated Typo (an iPhone-compatible mobile keyboard) hasn’t evolved much since the original version.

“Seacrest reportedly invested $1 million in the company and has promoted the start-up on CNN, at the Consumer Electronics Show and elsewhere,” The Hollywood Reporter explained Tuesday, noting that the first-gen Typo was targeted by a BlackBerry lawsuit.

The mobile company succeeded in persuading a judge to issue a preliminary injunction, which was the precursor to a recent announcement that Typo would be compelled to pay $860,000 in sanctions (a penalty for “violating the injunction by shipping its products outside of the United States.”

Now that Typo 2 is out and allegedly hasn’t changed much since the first design that caused all the trouble in the first place, BlackBerry has filed another lawsuit, which BlackBerry’s lawyers say will hopefully “put an end to Defendants’ pattern and practice of unlawful conduct.”