BlackBerry Says St. Louis County is Launching Athoc Networked Crisis Communication Platform

Blackberry logoBlackBerry recently announced that St. Louis County Emergency Management has selected AtHoc, a division of BlackBerry, to provide a “highly secure alerting and personnel accountability solution.”

All told, it’s further evidence of BlackBerry’s growing interest in the critical communications and public safety space.

“The selection and deployment of the AtHoc solution was made in preparation for the one-year anniversary of the shooting and consequent demonstrations that gripped the streets of Ferguson in August 2014,” the BlackBerry announcement reads.

St. Louis County EMA sought a state-of-the art crisis communication system that would enable swift, secure and reliable critical communications.

“We designed our system to be both powerful to use as well as rapidly deployable,” said Jim Hoppe, AtHoc’s Vice President of Commercial and SLED. “We are proud that both of these attributes contributed to the safety of the Saint Louis County citizens in their first use of AtHoc, the same proven technology used by the Department of Homeland Security for the protection of their own personnel.”