BlackBerry Planning New Smartphone Lineup

BlackBerry’s revival is just getting started. That’s according to BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins.

Beyond the launch of BB10, the struggling smartphone maker is reportedly planning to unveil “a broader array of new smartphones this year.”

The devices, CBC reports, will cater to markets around the world, “as the company works to recoup a stronger position with devices for more than just business users.”

As competitors like Apple and Samsung prepare their next round of attacks in the highly competitive industry, with new models expected later this year, Heins is aware that BlackBerry will need to respond with more than just the pair of new phones it has announced so far.

“In order to stay relevant, we have to build a portfolio,” Heins tells the Canadian Press. “We will bring it out at the moment when we can expect the biggest market attention for these products.”

In a nutshell, the BlackBerry product line may eventually have three well-defined tiers: smartphones at high-end, mid-level, and entry-level prices.

“We want to give them a good BlackBerry experience. So this is where probably another BlackBerry 7 product in that range makes a lot of sense,” Heins says. “We’re not excluding those markets from BlackBerry 10 because of us wanting to sell BlackBerry 7. You will see both in coexistence for awhile in those markets.”

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