BlackBerry Introduces Mobile Advertising Platform

First RIM introduces its new “PlayBook” tablet to challenge Apple’s iPad. Now, the makers of the BlackBerry smartphone also want a piece of iAd.

RIM today unveiled the brand new BlackBerry Advertising Service, which will supposedly help developers integrate advertising in their BlackBerry smartphone applications quickly and easily, while also allowing advertisers, agencies and brands to work with a broad selection of advertising networks.

According to Alan Brenner, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Platform at Research In Motion: “The BlackBerry Application Platform is providing a truly powerful foundation for our developer community. The BlackBerry Advertising Service offers developers a quick and easy way to integrate advertising in their applications. The service reduces the commercial and technical complexity of enabling ads within an application and offers developers a new avenue of monetization.”

In a nutshell, here’s how it works based on the information provided in RIM’s official press release. With just a few lines of code, “developers can include advertising in applications that are relevant to their users and tie into core BlackBerry smartphone features.”

Similar to Apple’s efforts to help create a lucrative platform for its iOS developers, RIM is enabling new monetization opportunities for BlackBerry developers by simplifying the integration of advertising both on the development side and on the commercial side.

Although the foray into tablet computers and mobile marketing represents an enormous evolutionary step for the people at BlackBerry, the move also comes as yet another monumental leap forward for mobile marketers, who now have more tools and resources at their disposal than at any time before in the age of digital advertising.