BlackBerry Boss Now Taking Aim at Android, Samsung

It wasn’t enough for BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins to slam Apple in the press this week, calling the iPhone’s UI outdated. Now, the head of BlackBerry is also poking at another smartphone giant.

Samsung Electronics will never be able to offer “top-notch platinum” security because of the inherent open nature of Android.

That’s what Heins claims, according to a report this morning from CNET. Because Android is open source, attacks from malware will never stop, he says.

As for his BlackBerry 10? It was designed “from the ground up to be a secure platform.”

“You don’t know how many keys you’ve given to the main door of your house because it’s open software,” Heins said about Android. “So what are you trying to do? You’re locking the windows.”

Samsung hasn’t yet responded for a request for comment in response to these strong assertions by the BlackBerry boss.

Do you agree with Heins or are these comments little more than cheap shots aimed at undercutting a top rival?

You be the judge.