BlackBerry Board Mulling a Drastic Move

BlackBerry Board Mulling a Drastic MoveAccording to chatter from sources close to BlackBerry, the company’s days as a publicly traded entity may soon end.

The Canadian smartphone maker has come up short on making 2013 it’s anticipated comeback year with the BB10 lineup of devices. As a result, BlackBerry still lags behind – way behind – iOS and Android.

Chief Executive Thorsten Heins and the company’s board is increasingly coming around to the idea that taking BlackBerry private would give them breathing room to fix its problems out of the public eye, the sources said.

BlackBerry’s CEO reported as recently as July that the company is on the right track although it needs more time to rebuild its empire.

But according to today’s report from Reuters, BlackBerry 10 sales are still coming in well below analysts’ expectations. And that could mean drastic measures are in store for the BlackBerry maker.