BlackBerry Balks at Takeover Talks

BlackBerry Balks at Takeover TalksNot happening. No way. Flat out false.

Those are the utterances emerging both publicly and privately from folks at BlackBerry over the last 48 hours since rumors first emerged this week that Samsung is ready to pay more than $7 billion to acquire the mobile communications company.

After Reuters broke the news that sources in-the-know had proof of interest by Samsung in a major merger, BlackBerry was forced to quickly respond. And what did the Canadian smartphone maker say? A spokesperson has gone on record across various media outlets to largely debunk the rumor.

But Reuters supposedly obtained documents that allude to a strong interest by Samsung to acquire the company. So even if a deal isn’t already in place — or perhaps even if talks haven’t yet commenced — that doesn’t mean a coupling is out of the question down the road.

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.