Black Book Introduces ‘Bullseye Prospecting’ to Help Marketing Agencies

bullseyeMMW was briefed this week by the team at Black Book, which has just introduced something called Bullseye Prospecting, which is billed as being a comprehensive, all-in-one solution designed to help marketing agencies automate customer campaigns for their auto dealership clients.

So far, early runs have proven promising.

During initial tests, we’re told that Bullseye Prospecting was found to deliver a 30 percent reduction in cost per car sold, driving better results with increased efficiency.

Powered by data from Black Book, Bullseye Prospecting is designed to reduce and consolidate the many different touch points involved in the development and execution of a customer campaign. Marketing agencies often work with several different vendors, all who add to the overall cost of production after markups are taken into effect. Bullseye Prospeting seamlessly leverages economies of scale for data coming from DMS, consumer, incentives, and vehicle equity and valuation sources. The program also leverages partnerships with photo and printer vendors for direct marketing collateral.

“With Bullseye Prospecting, marketing agencies will produce better results for their auto dealer clients by leveraging economies of scale during campaigns,” said Jared Kalfus, Senior Vice President of Sales for Black Book. “Bullseye Prospecting is designed to introduce a more seamless process into customer campaign development and execution, and agencies will have access to optimal reporting capabilities.”