Bing Bets on App Discovery in Mobile Search Results

Microsoft has tweaked its Bing search results to include a distinct new auto app discovery feature.

In short, Bing users on iOS devices can now discover pertinent mobile apps based on the nature of their searches.

At Bing, we are helping people with this “serendipitous discovery” by surfacing relevant apps automatically in the context of normal search queries.

The switch has already been flipped on the new Bing search feature, which – according to Microsoft – makes its easier than ever to find the apps you’re looking for and even some you weren’t.

“Bing not only helps to find apps, but can also launch some of the installed apps directly from the app search results,” the Bing Team says on the Official Bing Blog.

“If an App is not installed on your phone, when you click on the download link Bing takes you to download the app from the iTunes App Store. If the App is already installed and the developer has enabled the launch functionality, then it will launch automatically.”

Curious about the updated functionality? You can try this out for yourself on the iPhone now in the Bing for Mobile app or on in the web browser of your iPhone.

To read more about Bing’s bet on app discovery in mobile search results, check out the Official Bing Blog.