Bill Goss Touts Self-Publishing Know-How for Entrepreneurs

Bill Goss Touts Self-Publishing Know-How for EntrepreneursBill Goss, owner of Elite Publishing Academy, has been able to turn expertise and wisdom into money for years- through books. He has helped thousands of industry experts publish their books journals, and manuscripts. In his latest publication, Goss walks readers through the process — and MMW got a sneak peek at this extremely helpful new resource for entrepreneurs.

How to Become a Successful Published Author in Just 90 Days provides a comprehensive roadmap any entrepreneur can use to position themselves as a credible voice in the industry.

Here’s the synopsis we were given:

Becoming a published author with a first rate business book is one of the most powerful ways of making your expertise accessible and raising awareness of what you do. So why do so many business-owners, entrepreneurs and leading professionals still not bother? Through my years of experience as a business print and publishing expert, I explain exactly why you should become a business author…and help you take your first steps towards making sure your book gets read by the right people and becomes a powerful new stream of income for you.

By the time you finish, you’ll have a solid understanding of every step of the process.

Discover how publishing a book will increase your leads. Why you will be seen as the chosen expert within your field. How your book will open up new revenues. Use your book as a powerful business growth tool.

“My goal is to show them how to use credibility as a tool to prove to people that their information is worth paying for, and help them produce a book that is genuinely valuable and translates to increased revenue and opportunities in the real world,” Goss says.

‘How To Become A Successful Published Author In Just 90 Days’, from Digital Print Media, is available now on Amazon.