Bigger is Better: How Apple's iPhone 6 May Erode Android's Mobile Momentum

Bigger is Better How Apple's iPhone 6 May Erode Android's Mobile MomentumAs MMW reported Tuesday, Apple is now widely expected to commence production of its forthcoming iPhone 6 in July. And while an annual iPhone refresh isn’t groundbreaking in and of itself, the big changes planned for the next-gen flagship Apple handset could yield big changes for the smartphone market.

In short, the new iPhone will deliver a larger display than previous generations.

Knowledgeable sources within Apple’s Asian supply chain say that a new 4.7-inch screen version of the iPhone 6 is planned. And the augmented screen size could be a major boon to Apple’s business, particularly with regard to slowing the momentum of Android and Windows mobile devices.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani says that “nearly 50% of consumers who plan to upgrade their phone intend to purchase an iPhone within the next three months.” But “35% of the users who don’t expect to purchase an iPhone “would do so should Apple offer a larger form factor. This is what the analyst deems “Android cannibalization with iPhone 6.”

“More than one-third of the survey participants intend to upgrade or purchase a new smartphone within the next six months,” Daryanani says. “Unsurprisingly, the typical upgrade cycle remains in the 1- to 3-year range, in lock-step with the standard 2-year carrier cycle.”

With Apple believed to be entering the market with a larger than ever iPhone screen, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant may significantly curtail Android’s mobile momentum within the ballooning community of smartphone users who want larger smartphone screens.