Big News That Mobile Marketers May Want to ‘TUNE’ Into

TUNE, a global power player in mobile marketing solutions, has just launched People Service, which is being described to us as an “innovative data architecture and location-based marketing service that unifies mobile, web, app and in-store location data together at the person level, in one secure system.”

TUNE’s People Service, we’re told, works across channels and devices to enable marketers to better understand and engage with prospects and customers.

TUNE’s People Service addresses a growing issue marketers face today — understanding the many actions a person takes when interacting with advertising across the web, apps, devices and in-store locations.

So how does it work exactly? According to a statement emailed to MMW:

Most marketing tools only store unique identifier data associated with a device once a user interacts with a mobile ad. But when that same person uses multiple devices, apps, and the web to view and interact with mobile ads, tracking individual device IDs returns a litany of disconnected data. This issue becomes more pronounced once complex location-based information, like in-store beacon and geofence data, is added. At this point, building an accurate picture of a customer’s digital journey from awareness to purchase is near impossible.

“Over the past few years we’ve spoken with thousands of mobile marketers and one thing is clear: the days of one-to-many marketing are categorically over. What marketing teams need is a way to personalize and fine-tune their marketing efforts to each customer based on a complete set of actions a person has taken in the past,” said Dan Koch, CTO at TUNE. “I’m thrilled to say that we’ve engineered a system that can unify a person’s actions across devices, channels, and networks into one system of record. Now, marketers who use TUNE can weave together customer actions into one customer journey, and use this information to build highly personalized marketing campaigns for every prospect or customer.”

To learn more about TUNE’s People Service, click here.