Big Growth for B2B Mobile Advertising

Big Growth for B2B Mobile AdvertisingWhile the impact of mobile ads is undeniable, getting mobile ads right remains an elusive challenge for many.

Recently, American Business Media published its Business Information Network (BIN) Report. And the data points positively toward continued expansion in B2B mobile advertising.

All told, digital advertising jumped nearly 25% in the first half of 2013 on the momentum of marketers pushing ad budgets deep into mobile ad terrirtory.
eContentMag, which highlighted the new report this week, found that the growth rate of mobile ads is accelerating faster than previously anticipated.

“What you’re seeing is that the ability to serve mobile advertising is catching up with the demand,” says Matt Kinsman, the VP of content and programming at ABM.

In a poll of 74 B2B advertisers conducted as part of ABM’s research, director of research and content Michael Alterio found that 43% of advertisers were planning to increase their mobile expenditures and 41% were planning to increase their e-newsletter advertising dollars (which is de facto mobile advertising, as consumption of e-newsletters has migrated increasingly to mobile devices).

Kinsman says the “increasingly simple process” of publishing on multiple platforms will fuel further growth.

“It’s possible now to create content once and publish it across all of your channels,” he added. “This used to be a much more expensive proposition, and the increased ease and relatively low cost of publishing across platforms is one factor driving the growth of mobile advertising for B2B publishers.”