Big Data for Publishers: PubMatic Launches First Competitive Benchmarking Analytics Dashboard

Big Data for Publishers PubMatic Launches First Competitive Benchmarking Analytics DashboardPubMatic, a marketing automation software company that works with publishers, has launched a new benchmarking dashboard.

It’s a first-to-market competitive dashboard that gives publishers the data and insights needed to increase the revenue generated by programmatic advertising inventory.

“Publishers will have the ability to benchmark their inventory’s performance against a competitive set and gain never-before-available insights into inventory value in the context of the broader real-time ad sales market,” the firm notes. “These insights will help publishers ensure that their content remains relevant to consumers and advertisers allowing them to increase the revenue generated from the sale of their advertising inventory.”

Where do the insights come from? Those are generated by gathering and analyzing more than 65 terabytes of new data on PubMatic’s platform on a daily basis.

That will allow publishers to establish optimal pricing and packaging strategies, a strategy designed to help publishers maximize their overall revenues. The new functionality is part of PubMatic’s Analytics Premium solution.

“PubMatic Analytics allows us to make smart real-time decisions that drive revenue growth,” said Sean Holzman, Chief Digital Revenue Officer for the Bonnier Corporation. “This analysis provides insights that have become an integral part of our revenue strategy and drive stronger business results.”

Research firm Forrester recently noted that survey data it collected showed a 66 percent increase in firms’ use of streaming analytics just in the past two years. It’s a growing market and has now extended beyond the original customers for such data, such as industrial firms and financial services.

“We are proud to bring benchmarking insights to market that for the first time provide publishers with a level of transparency into the real-time advertising sales marketplace, which traditionally has been a black box when it comes to competitive awareness,” said Alaric Thomas, Director of Product Management, Big Data, and Analytics at PubMatic. “This is the first dashboard that allows publishers to (benefit from) the vast amounts of data generated by a massive real-time platform to help publishers gain insights that can help them better manage their revenue and sales strategy.”