Big Brands Everywhere Hopping on Location-Based Marketing Bandwagon

Big Brands Everywhere Hopping on Location-Based Marketing BandwagonThe trend of American advertisers adopting Location-Based Mobile advertising (LBM) is right in line with efforts taking place internationally.

African mobile ad network Vicinity Media has stated that Nando’s, Tsogo Sun, JD Group, FNB, Unilever, MTN, DSTV, Shoprite, Jaguar, Telkom, and Nissan are just some of the big brands now taking advantage of location-based mobile advertising to drive in-store sales.

“As the feverish shopping season approaches, we can expect to see more brands using location-based mobile to drive consumers from the digital world to the physical point of sale,” notes a post at BizCommunity.

The entrepreneurial duo heading up Vicinity Media — Daryl van Arkel (CEO) and Neil Clarence (COO) — believe retail and digital marketing is quickly changing to incorporate location-based mobile. The primary objective is to offer consumers promotional cost savings and to drive traffic for advertisers.

Vicinity Media explains that ad campaigns using location-based data offer advertisers superior ROI through mobile’s innate ability to pinpoint specific location and thus minimize wastage.

“We pride ourselves in that every impression we deliver can convert to a sale,” said van Arkel.

According to Clarence, the “inherent advantage of geo-location offers advertisers valuable insights” into location and how it affects shopping habits and buying behavior.”

“This data can then be used to pre-target future campaigns,” Clarence concluded. “Our reporting is down to store level, allowing our clients to monitor which communication works best by area.”