Beware Of Web Based Email Subject Line Exposure (off topic)

There’s a certain VC firm that views my blog… I’m not going to mention them but you guys have an information security issue.

Your email server is including the complete email subject line embedded with the referring url when you click a link in your web based email client. You might want to have that checked out because I can see it and sometimes your Subject contains the Company name that you’re dealing with. For example, I can tell that your involved in negotiations with ….. got ya didn’t I? Just kidding, I won’t expose that information.

Anyhow, if you believe it’s you then your Company is west of the Rockies and not in the Valley, if you think that’s you then contact me, I’ll confirm. Perhaps your not a subscriber but just emailing links regarding something I covered on my blog to others in your organization, when that person clicks the link I get the full email subject in the referring URL.

Good stuff huh?