Best Mobile Payments Blogs of 2013

Best Mobile Payments Blogs of 2013Looking for the top news, rumors, and product insight in the realm of mobile payments? Here are five fantastic sites and blogs from the movers, shakers, and product makers in mobile payments.

1. Mobile Payments Today
Leading online news source for all news and information pertinent to mobile payments.

2. Payments News
Who is doing what, when, and where in mobile payments? Here’s a great place to find out.

3. PayAnywhere Blog
The official blog with news, tips, and more from PayAnywhere, one of the fastest growing and most trusted providers of mobile payments solutions.

4. Google Commerce Blog
Everything you want to know and more from the Internet search giant’s official commerce blog.

5. Square News
Find out the latest news about Square and how the platform is “changing the way people do business.”

Do you have a favorite online location for mobile payments news and product information? If so, let us know and perhaps we will offer a recommendation in a future post.