Best Marketing, Business Blogs For The Small Business Owner

Best Marketing, Business Blogs For The Small Business OwnerAs a small business owner it is essential to have resources to turn to for advice and inspiration. While some of your resources may be local, there are a few business blogs you frequent on a daily or weekly basis, or to search for solutions to common business management concerns as they arise.  Below are among the cream of the crop that you should bookmark immediately!

Mashable is the perfect place to go to keep up with the most current trends in social media marketing and tech news that you can utilize for your small business.

Entrepreneur has a mix of business related news, tips, and stories—all written by entrepreneurs, business owners, and experts in the business field.

This blog highlights the most recent developments in online and mobile payments processing, but also has a wide range of tips and advice that are essential to the success of any small business.

If you are looking for a daily business blog to get you heading in the right direction each and every day, this is the blog for you. It covers a wide range of breaking news and tech trends that all small business owners should have on their radar.