Best Buy to Expand Mobile Marketing Efforts

It only seems logical for electronics juggernaut Best Buy to be on the forefront of marketing opportunities born of the mobile technology boom of the 21st Century. And while the company has dabbled in mobile marketing before, Best Buy seems to be gearing up for their most comprehensive mobile efforts yet.

According to sources at the company, Best Buy is putting the wheels in motion on a spruced up mobile website, more aggressive and targeted SMS texting campaigns, and mobile application updates to help capture a larger share of the mobile community’s attention.

It was just late last year that Best Buy introduced its mobile site and a corresponding iPhone application.

Best Buy’s chief marketing officer, Barry Judge, told the Wall Street Journal last month that his company “wants to use mobile to make standard ads more interactive. A print ad or billboard, for instance, might give consumers an address they could text-message for more information.”

“This is going to be a big area. It may dwarf what the PC Internet does,” Judge added.

Consequently, many market analysts expect Best Buy’s advertising budget to begin being more proportionately consumed by mobile efforts rather than by traditional print, television, and radio advertising.