Best Buy Banking on SMS for Black Friday

Best Buy Banking on SMS for Black FridayBest Buy is making bold moves in mobile marketing this month in hopes of ramping up Black Friday sales.

With the stated goal of keeping customers aware of holiday discount shopping opprtunities, Best Buy is strongly encouraging shoppers to opt-in to its SMS database with a holiday-specific keyword that, according to Mobile Commerce Daily, “will likely prompt consumers to join Best Buy’s mobile database once the holidays are over to keep opted in to future marketing opportunities.”

As of this writing, Best Buy is distributing a daily SMS message related to a specific offer through December 31st.

“Mobile messaging programs like SMS are the preferred channel for reaching customers anytime and anywhere,” Cezar Kolodziej, CEO and president of Iris Mobile, tells MCD. “Redemption rates and open rates for mobile messaging are much higher than other channels.”

“This makes mobile messaging a no-brainer for marketers seeking to talk to customers at any time of year, but especially during the holiday season when shoppers are bombarded with incentives from retailers at every turn,” Kolodziej adds.

For the time being, Best Buy’s SMS marketing efforts are aimed at early holiday shoppers and focused on everything from laptops to digital comeras.