Ben Affleck Makes a Splash on Mobile

Ben Affleck Makes a Splash on MobileOver the weekend, a controversial new eBook exclusive landed squarely on today’s top smartphones and tablets. And it’s burning its way up the bestseller chart today as scores of DC Comics fans flock to join the debate engendered by “Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman?”

The author of the book in question – Eric Nolan – passed up an opportunity to publish in tradition print because electronic media could “deliver a faster product that could be updated at no charge to readers as Ben Affleck assumes the role and the debate reaches the next level.”

“Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman?” is an unauthorized inside look at the astonishing – and some say absurd – casting of Ben Affleck as Christian Bale’s replacement in the legendary Batman film franchise.

From exclusive details gleaned from Hollywood insiders to a comprehensive debate of what Affleck may do for – or to – the role of Bruce Wayne, “Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman” is a must read for fans of the Caped Crusader and even those who love or loathe the Boston-born thespian charged with filling the biggest superhero shoes in cinematic history.

Nolan says the new eBook sparks a fair and balanced discussion regarding Ben Affleck’s role that will continue with escalating passion until Affleck’s 2015 debut as The Dark Knight.

“Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman?” is available for download now on Amazon for $2.99.