Beer Industry Gets a Mobile First Makeover

Beer Industry Gets a Mobile First MakeoverEverything is going mobile today – even the beer industry.

According to an announcement shared Monday with MMW, SteadyServ Technologies hopes to disrupt the beverage industry with a little something called iKeg, the “first mobile beer inventory management system.”

SteadyServ Technologies says the iKeg system is a mobile, SaaS-based inventory management solution for the beer industry.

The iKeg system is comprised of three parts – the hardware, software and mobile app. The hardware combines a removable sensor ring attached to the bottom of the keg and a corresponding RFID tag. Once the tag is scanned, the cloud-based software receives the data from the sensor, tracking how much beer remains, type of beer, age and when it was delivered. This information is then paired with how much safety stock remains, the next delivery date, previous order information, event information, and past and future beer consumption trends.

The company says iKeg accurately measures and reports the real-time inventory of draft kegs and automates the order and fulfillment process for draft beer, as well as, bottled and canned beer as well.

“Beer sold in retail establishments accounts for a 21 billion dollar industry, yet the industry still relies on the inaccurate process of ‘shaking the keg’ – the same method used since the inception of the product,” says SteadyServ CEO Steve Hershberger. “Not only do bars, restaurants and distributors lose millions of dollars each year on this guesswork, but beer-drinking consumers are frustrated with being denied their favorite beers due to poor inventory management. SteadyServ will alleviate this archaic process at every point in the supply chain to forever change the way beer is distributed and consumed.”

SteadyServ is now accepting partnership agreements with beer distributors and pre-orders from retailers, which sell draft, as well as, bottled and canned beer.