Bee Media Confirms Acquisition of Adcentricity

The rumblings of the rumor mill were right.

Bee Media Inc., a hugely popular and growing mobile shopping platform, has confirmed rumored plans that the company was moving toward an acquisition of Adcentricity Inc., a location-based digital media technology firm.

Based on details revealed in today’s formal press release from Bee Media, the newly formed Adcentricity announced the availability of two new products that supposedly make it easier for advertisers to develop hyper-local campaigns.

The two new products include:

ADMobile. A platform for location-based mobile shopping, including mobile interfaces, shopping tools, location services, mobile payment, content management, analytics and reporting

ADFormat. An automated content generation tool that allows advertisers to execute completely customizable campaigns of video, copy, images and graphics to fit any digital screen, DOOH, OOH or mobile that can be uniquely messaged to any specific market or location

Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, Bee Media acquired the Adcentricity name and going forward will operate as Adcentricity, with Doug Woolridge, CEO of Bee Media, remaining as the CEO.

“The combination of local, shopper marketing, mobile, in-store radio and video networks has created a fractured landscape of thousands of smart, effective companies and media channels with limited ways to get the attention of, and adoption by, brands,” said Rob Gorrie, former CEO of Adcentricity. “Together with Bee Media, we can now offer an even more powerful platform with the ability to target and distribute addressable content across every digital channel with a location attached to it – including mobile shopping applications, which Bee Media has been quietly building over the past year.”