Bazaarvoice Brings Native Advertising to eCommerce

Bazaarvoice Brings Native Advertising to eCommerceTripleLift, the native advertising technology platform for the visual web, has announced an agreement with Bazaarvoice to offer a scalable native advertising solution to its retail partners that can be purchased through a programmatic exchange model.

Bazaarvoice is a network connecting brands and retailers to the authentic voices of people wherever they shop. It makes Bazaarvoice Media the first in this arena.

“The collaboration will give brands an ability to reach nearly 100 million consumers with entertaining, informative ad experiences on retail sites, shopping comparison engines, and mobile shopping apps,” says a post on the development at Motor E Magazine.

NativeMobile reports that Bazaarvoice will be able to seamlessly integrate native ads into the distinct look and design of each of its individual retail partner sites. Advertisers who engage consumers on these sites will not have to create multiple creative executions — a single image will be used to create an ad that natively adapts to each unique e-commerce destination. This will allow brands to proactively engage lower-funnel consumers who are in purchase mode and believed to be more receptive to ads.

“We look forward to employing the same level of scale and sophistication to the world’s biggest e-commerce sites that we currently provide our publisher clients,” said Ari Lewine, TripleLift co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “We’re thrilled that Bazaarvoice has recognized and committed to the value of native advertising as an engine to help its retailers monetize their sites with innovative ads that are not obtrusive to the consumer’s shopping experience.”

This deal facilitates the placement of ads which can be more targeted as a result of the collection of real-time behavioral data.

“Digitally savvy consumers don’t engage with ads that simply tell them what to buy; they want to interact with content that speaks to them from a place of shared interest and value,” said Josh Wetzel, general manager of Bazaarvoice Media. “Native ads can be a conversation starter—something consumers read and share. That makes them an ideal complement other marketing programs, such as ratings and reviews, that provide useful information to help brands and retailers forge deeper customer relationships.”