Barnes & Noble Rolls Out Nook for Android

Hyped exactly as what most would expect it to be – an easy-to-use free eReader application for Android devices – Barnes & Noble has officially unveiled Nook for Android.

The expansion of the Nook ereader to smartphones running Google’s popular mobile operating system represents yet another stellar opportunity for mobile users to access content wherever they are. In this case, Nook for Android gives users access to better than 1 million ebooks.

The accessible inventory via the new app includes fresh releases, the latest hits and, of course, the classics. According to B&N, readers can even access any title they already own and purchased on a Nook, online or another BN eReader-enabled device. Library content syncing takes places in seconds, says the giant bookseller chain.

“NOOK for Android is customizable, fun and easy to use and we’re excited to deliver the most-requested version of our free eReading software to the growing number of mobile customers using Android-based devices,” said Douglas Gottlieb, Vice President, Digital Products for Barnes &

“Android customers can enjoy the great NOOK eReading experience on their mobile device, including access to our vast digital catalog and their personal B&N digital library at their finger tips. And, of course, Android users can now enjoy Barnes & Noble’s unique eBook lending feature to share their favorite eBooks with friends.”

Particularly attractive to mobile users is that Nook for Android actually lets you customize font style and size. You can also shift between portrait and landscape modes. But perhaps the most exciting component of this release (at least to avid ebook readers) is the “digital lending” attribute via Barnes & Noble’s LendMe technology. In a nutshell, users can share eligible ebook titles for upwards of two weeks across any devices with BN eReader software – the iPhone, iPad and even PCs.