Barilliance Launches Retention Marketing: New 360 Customer Profiles & Hyper Segmentation

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that Barilliance — a leading personalization software for Retailers — launched Retention.

Barilliance Retention is the newest addition to Barilliance’s personalization suite.

Barilliance Retention creates 360 customer profiles, which combine a customer’s onsite behavior such as products viewed or number of sessions across all devices, online and offline purchase history, demographic data including location, and CRM data such as previous marketing interactions.

Combining all the information into a big data warehouse gives retailers the ability to identify and analyze profitable segments.

“By focusing on the customer, retailers can create multi channel campaigns to highly targeted segments across email web, mobile and social: loyalty programs for best customers, price incentives for at risk customers segments, or target offline only customers on Facebook to drive them online are a few examples,” the company tells us.

To learn more, check out Barilliance here.