Barcode Scanning in Mobile Shopping Apps Exploded This Year, Says New Report

Barcode Scanning in Mobile Shopping Apps Exploded This Year, Says New ReportScandit, specialists in the barcode scanning arena, have just unveiled surprising new data that highlights the dramatic increase in mobile shopping activity this holiday season.

MMW was privy to an advance look at some of the report’s findings, the most eye-opening of which include:

  • Consumers scanned more than 4.5 million barcodes with Scandit-powered mobile shopping apps this Black Friday
  • Scandit-powered mobile shopping apps experienced a 5x to 40x increase in barcode scans compared with last year
  • Total scan volume among mobile apps that utilize Scandit more than doubled year-over-year

Scandit says the increase in mobile barcode scanning points to a broader increase in m-commerce and underscores the need for retailers to create compelling mobile shopping experiences for consumers in 2015 and beyond.

“Our findings and those from market research firms suggest that a majority of the time consumers spend making purchasing decisions is on mobile devices. Mobile commerce—or m-commerce—is a growing component of the modern shopping experience,” says Samuel Muller, CEO of Scandit. “Retailers now recognize the power of barcode scanning in the context of high performance, reliable native mobile applications. By providing an excellent m-commerce experience, retailers are better equipped to keep customers engaged, drive sales, and increase customer loyalty and retention.”