Bango Says Apple’s New Analytics Policies Don’t Affect Them

Bango Says Apple's New Analytics Policies Don't Affect ThemOn the heels of Apple introducing new rules when it comes to third-party analytics in the App Store, analytics providers have been scrambling to either become compliant or simply complain to Apple directly.  Bango, on the other hand, has issued a statement saying the new rules really don’t affect them at all, based on the methods they use.

Changes to the Apple developer license agreement state that “Device Data may not be provided or disclosed to a third party without Apple’s prior written consent. Accordingly, the use of third party software in Your Application to collect and send Device Data to a third party for processing or analysis is expressly prohibited.”

This creates a problem for most analytics solutions that need to extract and disclose detailed device data to the analytics vendor in addition to the developer.  They require this data to function, but in doing so are in breach of Apple’s new rules.  Their dependency on platform specific code also conceals what information is being disclosed making it impossible to know whether they’re in breach, right up until Apple rejects the app.  Bango does things a little different.

Using Bango analytics, you don’t need to provide or disclose any device data back to the platform in order to get precise measurement of app success and customer engagement.  Bango uses an anonymous, server side “Identifier” technology that protects consumer and device information while delivering levels of accuracy not found in most analytics solutions.

Applications, campaigns and websites are all measured using consistent web standard techniques, rather than complex platform specific code, which gives the app developer confidence and total control over the level of information they wish to record and ensures all data being disclosed is completely transparent.  In other words, Bango has been compliant with Apple’s new rules, even before they were introduced.

This will give Bango a serious leg up until all other analytics providers can re-work their strategies to become compliant as well.  Bango has always been a leading analytics provider, and it’s reasons like this they remain in front of the competition.