Bango Offers Up New Low-Cost Mobile Payment Solution

With paid mobile apps and content growing in popularity, and people becoming more comfortable with the idea of using their mobile devices for payments, Bango has introduced a new secure and low-cost method for integrating credit-card payments into apps and digital content.

With increased smartphone usage and the evolution of the mobile Web, Bango has created an “easy on” ramp to selling content on the mobile web as well as a solution to give businesses a low-cost, easy way to capture revenue from the growing number of smartphone users- users that are getting a lot more comfortable purchasing items using their devices much like they would on their PCs.  

With the new solution from Bango, anyone can offer credit card payments to their mobile visitors and refine their product offer, pricing and consumer experience, with the flexibility to upgrade to operator billing through Bango when they’re ready.  “With the current rise in smartphone users, a lot of businesses who have never considered mobile before, are now looking at how they can capture revenue from this new market,” said Anil Malhotra, SVP Alliances & Marketing. “And many of these smartphone users, such as those with a Blackberry or Google phone, are used to using the web on their phones, and are familiar with credit card services.”

The solution works by offering a similar experience to purchasing via credit card on the normal Web, and cuts out many unnecessary steps such as entering the card type and a full billing address.  This speeds up purchases, leading to more successful transactions across all mobile devices.

Bango can then collect payments worldwide in multiple currencies and languages, from all handsets, networks and mobile Internet connections using a network of credit card processors.  In addition, Bango Credit Card Payment offers a single click checkout after the first purchase.  As Bango knows the preferences of millions of consumers across many merchants, it increases the availability of this fast payment feature being offered, despite the merchant never having sold to that person before. 

It’s a type of solution that the mobile-content industry has needed for a long time to facilitate the true growth of mobile commerce using an experience similar to that of the traditional Web.  As mobile devices are finally coming into the realm of full Web-browsing, this and other mobile payment solutions will greatly rise in both usage and overall demand.