Bango Debuts Updated Mobile Analytics v4

Bango has long been known for its advanced mobile analytics solutions, and today marks the release of the newest version- version 4, which takes mobile analytics and visitor tracking to a whole new level.

Building on its already proven platform for gathering real-time statistics and visitor tracking data for mobile websites, Bango Analytics v4 now includes the ability to allow website owners to track visitors regardless of their connection.  A user visiting a site on a smartphone, for example, may utilize both a WiFi connection as well as a 3G mobile broadband connection during the same visit.  With Bango Analytics, this user is still counted as a single unique visitor, unlike other analytical platforms that would count it as two separate users.

This works by issuing a single numeric “identifier” to each visitor for the duration of their visit, which then tracks the device itself instead of monitoring the connection type.  This method ensures dead-on accuracy while upholding a high level of privacy for each visitor.

This is a very important statistic, and one that plays a huge role in mobile analytical accuracy.  “In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever for businesses to assess how consumers are engaging with their brand on mobile and track mobile marketing campaigns to measure return on investment,” said Bango CEO Ray Anderson.  With the proliferation of smartphone use, especially in North America, as well as the varying connection types, being able to track a single user across different connections is vital.

The same shift happened in traditional online analytics when connection types and visitor behavior started to change rapidly.  That focus has now shifted to the mobile channel.  “History is repeating itself,” Anderson continued. “Businesses have benefited from choosing products like Omniture and Coremetrics to get accurate, in-depth data of their website traffic. The same thing is happening in the mobile world with Bango delivering the quality and depth of analytics needed by mobile brands as they make critical business decisions on their mobile strategy.”

Some other changes to the platform include the way data is reported and filtered by providing a greater level of granularity by letting people see metrics by the hour.  This enables marketers to understand how a mobile marketing campaign is performing in real time so any necessary adjustments can be made to ensure the campaign is a success.  In addition, it offers new, advanced filtering and sorting that enables precise segmentation of mobile data, so it’s quick to get to the results needed on a case by case basis.  Live data is used to provide greater accuracy, rather than pre-cached reports which throw away the original raw information.

All in all, it’s an impressive upgrade to an already comprehensive mobile analytics suite.  Bango Analytics is available as a hosted service and naturally charged based on page view totals.  To test it out, you can even sign up for a 30 day trial period.  There’s a pretty cool YouTube video that demos the new platform and its capabilities as well.