Bandwidth to Blame? News Websites Are Struggling With Mobile Adoptions Rates

Bandwidth to Blame News Websites Are Struggling With Mobile Adoptions RatesIn a recent analysis by Trilibis, only 26 of the top 100 news related websites have “acceptable” load times on mobile devices. This number even includes websites with so-called responsive design.

The reason for the poor load time, however, can be attributed to bandwidth.

“For desktop computers with high-bandwidth connections and abundant local resources (disk, RAM), page weight is not a major concern — but, for mobile devices, it certainly is,” Trilibis notes, according to

The analysis included business, technology, and entertainment news websites, of which 47 had a load time of up to 8 seconds. A shocking 27 had a load time of up to 35 seconds.

The reason these numbers are important to consider is because mobile web users are not likely to sit around and wait for a page to load for more than a couple of seconds and will likely search for their news elsewhere.

In most cases, the delay is due to the images placed on the websites, which are often larger than the average image placed on blogs and websites. However, readers still expect to see quality images from news sites.

Newspapers have been struggling with subscription rates for the last several years, so they must find a way to address mobile speed in order to capitalize on their online and mobile revenues.