Back That Thing Up… with a SIM Card Backup Device

sim_card_bac2.jpgAnyone who has ever lost or fatally damaged their mobile phone is intimately acquainted with the pain and suffering that often accompanies such trauma. Of course, the worst part of the horrific experience is typically not the financial setback of having to purchase another handset. For the majority of mobile phone users, its’ the loss of valuable contact information or other precious material stored on the dearly departed mobile device that hurts the most.

Fortunately, with the digital age comes the opportunity to back up your SIM card.

Available from Think Geek is a new SIM Card Backup Tool, a relatively small device that can store all the information on your current SIM card. If desired – or necessary – the information can be quickly sent to and saved on a new SIM card.

Perhaps equally appealing is that the device is useful even if you haven’t lost your phone. At any given time you can send information back and forth between different SIM cards. Simply copy the SIM card contacts to the backup tool’s internal memory, and in just moments, you are then able to duplicate the information back to another SIM card. If you happen to lose your cell phone, you can keep a backup on this device and restore with absolutely no data loss whatsoever.

According to the manufacturer, this relatively inexpensive SIM Backup Tool features:

  • Substantial Memory: 16KB – 500 telephone records, organized in 2 different SIM Cards data storage banks)
  • Password lock & phonebook viewing
  • Calendar display
  • Support for data exchange among different SIM cards
  • The ability for data to be duplicated from one SIM Card to another SIM Card
  • Device independence – No PC or PDA required