Ayla’s New AMAP Designed to Accelerate Mobile Control of Connected DevicesSomething’s coming that could reduce the time, cost, risk, and complexity of bringing mobile-controlled Internet of Things (IoT) products to market sooner.

Ayla Networks, whose IoT platform enables manufacturers to create secure connected products easily and make better product decisions as a result of being connected, today announced the Agile Mobile Application Platform (AMAP).

“Manufacturers of connected products can license the Agile Mobile Application Platform to create mobile apps to control their products, getting to market four to six times faster than is possible with alternative approaches,” according to a statement provided to MMW.

Companies will like the fact that AMAP provides 85 percent of the coding and development work common to any high-performing, reliable and secure IoT mobile app. That leaves just 15 percent of functionality for manufacturers to personalize and differentiate in order to ’skin’ the app with their company branding.

“Few manufacturers possess the sophisticated software engineering and user-interface design expertise to develop mobile applications that meet end users’ high expectations for a mobile app user experience,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “Ayla exists to handle the underlying complexity of making IoT connectivity work, freeing manufacturers to focus on their core expertise in making great versions of whatever they do best—whether it’s a smart plug, a thermostat, a water heater or a home appliance.”

Friedman says the Ayla IoT platform allows manufacturers to get better products to market faster and more affordably. In addition, AMAP is scalable to any type of connected device.

“The difference between starting with the AMAP approach versus any other IoT approach is like night and day,” said Wm Jess Taylor, CEO and founder of Blue Rocket, a custom mobile app studio for both startups and established companies. “You can almost see the worry draining from manufacturers’ faces when they realize we can deliver a great mobile app and connected device experience into their customers’ hands working with AMAP.”