Avatar New York Offering ‘Money-Saving Tips’ for App Developers

Avatar New York Offering ‘Money-Saving Tips’ for App DevelopersCan Avatar New York help developers save money in the process of developing an app?

Avatar, an award-winning web development company that helps businesses strengthen their online brand with creative websites, cutting-edge apps, and reliable cloud hosting, believes so.

“Apps are quickly becoming more sophisticated,” said Todd Johnson, the managing director of Avatar’s web design team. “Creating a modern application requires knowledge in several technical areas, including mobile responsiveness, integration, security, user interface design, programming languages, backend databases, and more.”

Problem is — though most every business could benefit from a well-designed app — many business owners “believe that app creation is out of their budget.”

What to do?

For starters, costs are minimized when specifications are clear.

“Most business owners have a general idea of how their apps would function, but you need clear specifications before development begins,” according to Avatar New York. “This will reduce the production time, which can save you money, and it will prevent users from becoming frustrated due to poor performance.”

Also, proper identification of the “problems” the app will solve is essential.

“Whether it’s a racing game or a digital calendar, every application has a purpose,” notes the firm. “The problem that your app solves should be the basis of its design.”

An “MVP,” or minimal viable product, is a good start. It saves companies money by minimizing the development costs.

Last, but not least, it’s wise to take the time to locate a reputable developer.

“Many business owners make the mistake of choosing an app developer based solely on the price,” Avatar explains. “However, these low-cost apps usually feature outdated designs, and they may not even be compatible with certain mobile devices. These developers also have subpar customer service. Projects can take months to complete, and simple adjustments may take weeks.”