AVAI Mobile ‘Reinvents’ International Speedway Corporation’s Venue Mobile App Experience

avaiAVAI Mobile Solutions LLC today announced its contract with International Speedway Corporation — which just happens to be the owner and operator of 13 top U.S. motorsports entertainment facilities — to provide its “revolutionary” mobile technology platform as the next generation of venue mobile experiences.

Sports and entertainment venues today increasingly have elevated expectations when it comes to mobile platforms. Simply having a mobile app is no longer enough. Fans want to do more from their devices, while sponsors want greater reach, and management wants a better ROI.

“What AVAI Mobile has provided is a better way to build, integrate and manage mobile apps across all ISC facilities,” said Tina Martin, CIO of ISC. “There are several mobile app developers in this space with equally as many approaches to getting the job done. What sets AVAI Mobile apart is its technology that will grow with us as our requirements evolve.”

“We’re proud to be the official mobile partner for ISC,” adds Rand Arnold, CEO and Founder of AVAI Mobile. “Together, we’re combining speed and performance to bring fans an amazing experience both on the racetrack and within the palm of their hands.”